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Educator Services

Andy Moritz is also available for:

Clinics and Master classes - Live OR Virtual!
I am available during the school day to work with your bass players either live or .  I can help them with their orchestra music or their solo & ensemble literature. Whether you have 1 or 25 basses in your group, I can help your students get the sound you want for your orchestra.  Please contact me for availability, scheduling, and pricing.

Teacher In-services
I can provide your teaching staff with either a half or full day session on Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Double Bass techniques.  Beginning Bass Techniques stresses fundamentals of establishing beginners, creating a good sound, left hand shaping, instrument and bow holds, elementary shifting, and much more. Intermediate and Advanced Bass Techniques addresses advanced shifting techniques, bow strokes, tone stabilization, advanced theoretical approaches to scale techniques, thumb position, and much more. All-State teaching strategies are also discussed.  Specific sessions can be tailored to meet the duration and content needs of your Fine Arts staff.  Contact me for availability, scheduling, and pricing.

Solo & Ensemble, assessments for program placements, and all aspects of the Texas Music Educators Association Region/Area/All-State process as well as similar processes in other states. 

Group classes

Coming soon!

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